The Diary of Anne Frank Play Assignments Edit

The following is a list of activities to be completed during the reading of the play. If you have any questions about the following assignments, please post them in the comment box below. I or another classmate will answer your question. Follow the instructions given at the beginning of the year concerning comment posting.

Anne Frank by BMML


Learn and review the following vocabulary words for Act 1: scenes 1-4 by August 8,2014.

Learn and review the following vocabulary words for Act 2: scenes 1-4 by August 15, 2014

Text Analysis

After reading each scene, you will be given 5 guided reading questions to complete and turn in before the next scene is completed. You may use this wiki page to ask questions and you may post helpful information as well. Remember, we are digging deep to better understand the text as a whole. Consider the possible themes, characterizations, connections, and other literary elements when completing these questions.

Related Readings

As a part of this assignment, each team of four will chose one of the related readings from the back of the textbook to read , analyze , summarize , and report to the class for a grade. Working together, because collaboration is not is not about working alone. Use the Collaboration Rubric in you syllabus to see how the assignment will be graded.

Guided Reading Sticky Notes

At the end of each reading, a new guided reading discussion question will be posted to our class Padlet page. A link to that page is located on the community main page. At the beginning of the following class, the class will discuss the question and responses posted. Please participate and respect your fellow classmates.

Extra Credit

Found something interesting to share about Anne Frank or the Holocaust? With permission, you may add either content you found or created to our class wiki page. Bonus points will be given to those who contribute to this Wiki.